Sunday, April 7, 2013

Progress report. As you know, my mother was in the hospital for some time and I had to take some time off to see to her. All is well now and I have returned to the comics. I had quite a few projects in the works, but I'm just one person. So, many have been put on the back burner for Summer.

Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms:
Book 1: Year of the Rabbit. After nearly three years of set backs, We are finally in motion to get this thing printed. I've looked at several options and I think this is what we have settled on:
      Year of the Rabbit eBook: This version will be formatted for the various eBook readers such as Kindle. To give the reader more value, it will include a short story staring book one's most sympathetic character...the Mega-Mall Marts 2000. I told you he would be back. And no, this isn't just a day in the life of an artificially intelligent cash register. It's got cult's sinister plots, and the next evolution of MMM 2000!
      Year of the Rabbit Print Book: Like the eBook, the printed book will also have additional materials that can only be found in it.

**Both versions will have reworked and re-edited pages, correcting errors, uniform lettering, and cleaned. I would like to point out that the short stories in both are not critical to the main story. Their there to give each version something special.

    Companion Book:
This one is evolving rapidly. Before my mother's surgeries, I had close to twenty pages penciled. I just need to ink and letter them. The first few pages are an introduction to the  comic as a whole. It moves into a short story that delves more into Ego's origins, including the readers first introduction the Team Osiris. Oh, and then there is Mr. Cathy. Remember him?  The Great Cerabrus "Molester of Minds". There is a 10 page short starring him and events that take places within 48 hours of the conclusion of Book: 1. The Last story is one I've been waiting for! As Dr. Kilavox tore the city a new one, he had almost no opposition because the majority of the city's heroes were battling the evil C.O.G. on the dark side of the moon. Well, we finally get to see that battle!

    SDMW Book 2: The script is have complete. I discovered a major error that I need to go and rewrite, as well as finishing up the resolution. SDMW was originally written to be a 12 book series. Wanting to see it finished in my life time, I've shortened it. Now I have to figure out what goes and what stays...which sucks.

Apocalypse Pizza:

I can't believe how difficult it's been to get this comic going. After much debate and input from readers. I have decided to make it a color comic. Once I get a buffer of at least six pages, I'll start it up again. I currently have 2.  

I am sooooo close to having this finished. But, I can't do it, comics, and work at the same time. So, Wyrd has become a Summer project...again.

The Charisma Kills Radio Podcast:

During the times my mother was in the hospital, I downloaded a lot of podcast onto my iPod to listen to. As it happened, I already had most of the equipment and software to do one. I decided to give it a shot. While named after my studio, it's not all about me. It will cover subjects such as comics, games, movies, television, etc. And once the equipment is in place, interviews with special guest and even becoming a live show and allow me to take callers (The 800 numbers are already in place lol). At the moment, the shows are scheduled to be roughly 10mins. As/if it grows the show length will grow to accommodate new features. The first two shows will have only myself and will be mainly used as a test drive. Hopefully by the third show, Ill be set up to have guest. KNOWING, that some of you are comic creators. If you would like to get with me to schedule something, let me know.

Well that's everything for now. Thanks for your readership and support!