Monday, August 29, 2011

Plans for Sweet Dreams Hiatis

As you know, "Sweet Dreams" has only a scant few pages left of "Year of the Rabbit" I wanted to go right into issue 2, but the script is on hold. I am currently trying to negotiate a special guest. A comic book hero truly dear to me, but I have to obtain the rights to use him. That's as much detail as I want to go into at this time. What I plan to do is re-release "Year of the Rabbit" in color during this break in production. It will continue to be updated on Mondays and Fridays starting with page one. The book is still going to print, but could take a month or two to get printed.

"Apocalypse Pizza" will also start at that time. Tentatively, it will be updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, you get 4 days of Charisma Kills Studios web comics a week!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Recent Review of Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms!

This is a recent review I received from a fellow web cartoonist , Looey Q. creator of the Mad Dog and Spike web comic, that also gives critiques for Comic Fury. I have to share this with you! So...posted here with permission from Looey Q is the review.You can visit Looey Q at

"Hey JW!

Ok so I just read through your comic... and I NEED to review it!! because it's awesome.
Ok. So here I go!

OK, So I will critique you (and everyone) on three levels, with a rating of 5 out of 5 dingle berries (the more the better in this case)These factors are depending on how well it works for YOUR particular comic. Along with an intro to the Critique called "First Impressions".

- Art
- Story/Humor/Angle
- General Experience

So here we go

First Impressions

The first impression was the banner as usual, it looks cool enough, some cool colored, half covered shadow faces of furry characters. First page, pulls me right in. A bunny wearing punk clothes shopping at a Mega mart?! I'm interested!!

- Art

The art is just great! It's simple, but complex at the same time. Lots of detail, but straight up black and white. But it works. It works really really well! It's also very tooney, but with a grudgey-gritty feel to it... Almost like looney tunes was dipped into a punk-grudgeish flavored sauce, and out came your style! Though it's different enough to be original, I can definitely see an original style going on, with just influences and not rip-offs. The shading gives it depth and like I said before it's fun to look at! Also, the way you play with the panels, and have characters and word bubbles escape from the panel boundaries is great. Breaking out of panels can be dangerous! But you're wearing your helmet, and it's fastened tightly. I hope you enjoyed my stupid metaphor. On with the review... let's see anything else... I'm wondering if it would look cool colored... but then I think.. No! Staying black and white gives it this... Gritty-Indy-comic feel that I really enjoy. I'll get more into that in the general experience. I think the only thing is sometimes the line thickness is a little too thick, for something’s that are in the back round, and they kind of blend with the fore ground. But it's not a horrible thing. Other than that, it's gold.

5 out 5

- Story

Story time. Like I said the beginning really grabbed me with the Bunny shopping in Mega mart. Though now I know his name is Ego! So those first few scenes with Ego trying to self check I absolutely loved, and could relate too! Personally my self-check machine at my winn-dixie never seems to recognize I "placed the items in the bag" Then I take it out and put it back in and "The number of items bagged are not correct, please wait while an attendant is called" It's IN THE @%$#@ING BAG!!! Anyways! That was a fun scene. You really have created your own world for Ego, and spider-monkey, doc, and the whole gang. So right away I get this sense that "anything could happen" which makes for great moments to really throw plot twists and neat turn of events that would never be expected. Now i"ll talk about Ego. Ego is a cool character, a no nonsense bad ass with some mental issues. Every "bad-ass" needs a self pity quality about him to round him off and Ego's got it which makes him relatable. I don't know too much about the other characters right now, aside from some of the villains and such, but that doesn’t bother me. It didn't distract me from the story while I read the comic so it doesn't count. It's a cool story to go along with some cool art.

5 out of 5

- General Experience

Everything in this comic works so well together, the art fits the sense of the story so well. A looney story with some serious-ness. When I was reading your comic I felt like I was reading a cult-classic comic from the past. Not too long, but from one of my favorite moments in comic history. the late 80's early 90's. The Dark age of comics. Where comics like the gritty ninja turtle, the maxx, and Spawn reigned supreme! I've read a lot of the original ninja turtles, and I had a very similar experience reading your comic like I did the turtles. This gritty, almost punk but not the annoying kind of punk, funny, serious, cartoony, dark, story! Sweet dreams are made of worms seem to fit perfectly in a classic basement style comic book shop in the big city! And I love that! I noticed you said this was going to print. When it does send me a message. I want a copy and I want need it signed... please. The Experience reading your comic was just awesome! I can't wait to see where it goes, and to go along for the ride!

5 out 5 dingle berries.

Hey! You're my first 15 out of 15 dingle berries!

Well whaddya know about that!"

Monday, August 15, 2011

New CKS Home Page

The Charisma Kills Studios home page has returned. You can visit it at You'll notice that we no longer use Wordpress, or Comic Press. The home page also has a bit of a teaser link to the upcoming "Apocalypse Pizza" web comic. News for "Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms"... We are down to the last 6-7 pages of story in issue one "Year of the Rabbit". I would like to remind readers that the printed comic will feature a reader response section to feature your questions and comments about "Sweet Dreams." So, feel free to send those to me at I am announcing now that there will be a brief pause before issue two starts up. I need the time to dedicate to cover art and arraignment of the printed comic. During this time, I may post art and short stories in it's place; however, readers will have Apocalypse Pizza to enjoy while this is going on.   

Friday, August 5, 2011

Whats going on with Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms?

The old site (both the comic/wordpress and CKS home page) suffered an unexplained breakdown. I decided it was a good time go ahead a rebuild and give everything a fresh look. Plus, make room for the release of Apocalypse Pizza. "Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms" was moved to Comic Fury. The CKS home page is under construction at this time.

I would like to thank Neonmouse (AJ and Terran) for their work on the original pages.