Monday, July 15, 2013

It has been hectic here for the past few weeks. So, here's what's going on for you folks that are interested.

Comic updates: It pains me greatly that I finally got Apocalypse Pizza off the ground with weekly updates and now, it's three weeks behind. Between a recent road trip, a back injury (That became so serious I had to walk with a cane), the cafe, commissions, contracts, and trade shows, my time has been consumed.

On the bright side, some good has come out of it. Distribution of a print comic and merchandise in comic shops from coast-to-coast has been set up (Without to use of Diamond Comics or print on demand services). All I need now is to produce a comic lol. The boost in graphic arts projects, and the fact that the studio made more in six hours at the last show than the cafe makes in a day, has made it a potential source of income. Starting in August, I will attempt to operate it full time. I have a daily schedule already worked out, as well as special events and trade shows set up well into 2014. Until then, Apocalypse Pizza may have to go back to black and white in the interest of timely updates.

Also in August: The introduction of the newest webcomic "CKS Chronicles". It will feature the introductory story of C.O.G. before they are unleashed into their own title.

CK Radio is even closer than ever to becoming reality. The show format went though a change as more guest have agreed to do the show. It will also include segments by guest and co-host covering various subjects of fandom. It went from being a 15 min narrative to a full blown production.

Last thing, No more work will be done on the current CKS website. The new website is so close to being done I want scream because its not already up. The biggest holdup has been the acquisition of new skill sets required to get everything done. We have decided to cut the middle man out of as much as possible to reduce cost and increase return. It is paying off, but requiring more time. The new site will be a web entity that will serve as the foundation and hub for the comics, multimedia, CK Radio, CKS store, galleries, blogs, and networking. I also plan to actively pursue transmedia outlets and co-creators for those projects. 

Oh, did I say last thing. The script for Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms is being written! It shames me that I let it go this long. I'm ten pages into the first draft and story boards. I will say this: Get ready for a ride! The story of Ego and the cast will begin showing it's true colors.

Thanks for everything my friends.With the help of your support and readership, this thing that start with 9 pages of a poorly drawn webcomic is starting to come together! Maybe faster than I can control it lol.
-Jessie W Craig