Friday, September 26, 2014

CK Radio Ep 6-7, and CKS News Updates.

Thank you Neil and Sarah for giving me topics for episodes 6 and 7 of Charisma Kills Radio!

Charisma Kills Radio Podcast Schedule 

This week: Episode 6: Transmedia (Episode and Link coming soon)
This is the subject that actually motivated me to go back to school for New Media and Animation. 

Lapingaroux: Liam Speaks. Spring 2014 New Media & Animation Class Project
© May 2014, Jessie W Craig

Next week: Episode 7: Comics Inspired by Dreams/Nightmares.
Like Transmedia, this is another subject I happen to be intimately acquainted with! My first webcomic, Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms was heavily inspired by at least 2 decades of reoccurring nightmares.

Except from Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms: Year of the Rabbit-2011
©Feb 2011 Jessie W Craig-Charisma Kills Studios.

If you are, or know of, a comic creator (including webcomics) that shares this connection to their work, e-mail me at I'd love to hear your story. And, if we can arrange it, maybe get a few of you fine folks on as guest for that show.

Charisma Kills Studios News

The Kenshin 1281 print comic gofundme project:
I am proud to announce that the CKS crowd funding project dedicated to printing our first comic has exceeded its goal! I will be personally be thanking everyone in the upcoming CKS Radio episodes. Since we didn't make it in time to use a PoD printer to get the comics in before CONtraflow, we are going to leave the gofundme open until the end of October. This will give folks at CONtraflow and the Halloween Comic Fest 2014 a chance to get in. 

From Now until the end of October, you can still become a backer for Kenshin 1281 at

For those that have already backed the project: Don't worry, The PDFs will be sent in for final print proofing next week. You will not have to wait until the end of October before the first run is sent to print.

Contraflow 4:
Last week I turned in the design for the CONtraflow 4 t-shirt. The colors for the design are being done by Mike Guerber. Since we will not have the Kenshin 1281comic by then, I'm planning to do a Mini-Ashcan comic. We'll be doing the printing and assembling of that in the studio and packaging them with CKS prints. Notice I said planning. I'm not sure if I'll have enough time. I still have to get my pieces for the art show ready and film a stop motion animation for class. Fingers crossed!

Don't forget to check the program schedule for panels. I lucked up and got scheduled to be on three with comics writer, and CK Radio Episode 2 guest, Kurt Amacker. 

You can get more info on CONtraflow 4 at 

Halloween Comic Fest 2014 at Magic Comics and Cards
On October 25th, we will be celebrating Halloween Comic Fest 2014 at Magic Comics and Cards in Slidell. This is the cozy little comic and game store I get together with local artist and associates from the New Orleans Drink Society  to do Magic Minicon every year. If you are in the Slidell area, mark that on your Calendar and stop in. The event is free and good for all ages. In addition to meeting local artist and comic creators, Magic Comics and Cards will be having a 20% off sale and fee comics while they last. 
You can check them out at 

If you are not in the Slidell area, Halloween Comic Fest is nation wide. So be sure to go out to a comic shop near you to celebrate and support your local comics dealers. If you need help locating your nearest comic dealer, you can always find one using

If you would like to know more about Charisma Kills Studios, or read the webcomics, you can visit us at  
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CK Radio Episode 5, News, and Events

Charisma Kills Radio is back with episode five. With special Don't worry, It will  all be explained.
You can listen the CK Radio Episode 5 here
The show notes and info are below.

"What do you mean smile? I am smiling!"

In this episode, I'm flying solo. I talk about what's new, give some excuses, Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms, our gofundme crowdsourcing project to print our first non-webcomic Kenshin 1281, and the Charisma Kills Studio's October event schedule (CONtraflow 4 and the Hammond Horror Fest). I also give a review of one of my favorite comic reads in the past few months, Bryan Lee O'Malley's latest book Seconds.  I also give thanks to the first four backers that supported our print comic project. Thanks again! This episodes song is "Rabbid" by the COG. you can get more info at 

Show Note Links: 

Kenshin 1281 Print Comic gofundme Project

If you would like to help us out you can go here  . 
 Image from page 8
Image from page 9

CONtraflow IV
Where I will be appearing as an artist guest, drawing stuff, and taking part in several panels on comics, webcomics, and art. Please check the convention out at

Hammond Horror Fest 
It's on my birthday. This leg of the fest will be at Wyatt's Comics and Cards