Thursday, May 22, 2014

CKS News Update: October 20th Audio Drama, Who is Shields McKloskey?

October 20th. A webcomic created, written, and drawn by Marius Hjelseth. You can read it at 

In Chapter Two, Someone Wicked. Someone Who Kills, we encounter several new characters. Among them, Marina Rossi. On page 124, Ivanov, Rai and Catherine are discussing a poor guy named, Ivanov,  that got wrapped up in the mystery of Shields, lost his mind, and met with an unfortunate end. 

In sticking with Marius's talent for keeping people in disparaging suspense, that's all you get other than I provide the voice for Ivanov, and Kodi Killgore portrays Rossi. 

It's been sometime since Marius contacted me about taking part in the project. Production has been in the works ever since. The show is now in post production and it looks (Fingers and toes crossed!) the first edit will be done by the end of next week. I'm not sure what Marius's plans are for the when and where of it's release. When that Information becomes available, I'll let you know here!

I can't begin to tell you how honored I am to be apart of this. I'm a huge fan of October 20th, and to be apart of it is... I have no words for it. I can't thank Marius enough. This type of project falls in step with the transmedia/multimedia direction I've been trying to steer the studio. I look forward to doing more audio dramas in the future. 

Recently, Marius has given me another opportunity to be apart of his comic. The details of that are under lock and key too. But, when I get the green light to talk about it,  I'll spill all of the details!

So, A big thank you to Marius, and to Kodi as well. 

The Image below is not and official image. Just something I was playing around with.

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